Supporting a smooth transition back to the office


It’s all about creating a safe and happy working environment to entice your staff back to the office –something easier said than done! But with the help of NetSupport School, you can navigate social distancing measures, staff’s personal preferences and new company procedures with ease.

Thumbnail mode for monitoring

Monitor all computers across the network in a single view.
The connected devices can be viewed in two different ways. Image Mode displays a thumbnail view of the screen providing a quick and easy method for monitoring activity. Report Mode displays details of the machines, such as name, IP address, user name, platform, current security state, policy settings, room, running application and all websites. From Report mode, the Technician can activate and close applications and websites on staf devices by right-clicking the required icon.

Remote Control

Use 1:1 remote control to fix issues from afar.
When problems arise, IT technicians can perform powerful 1:1 PC Remote Control on any selected computer, capture screenshots, annotate the screen and provide direct technical assistance to anyone – without coming directly to their device to do so – thereby maintaining physical distancing.

  • Review individual NetSupport School client security settings remotely.
  • Ability to search for staff by name, device or room.
  • Power on, power off, reboot and log in to computers remotely.
  • Launch a local command prompt wind
  • Execute applications on a PCs.
  • Automatically connect to devices using Room mode.
  • Provide direct technical assistance to any staff member.
  • Lock/unlock keyboards and mice.

Transfer files and folders to selected or all computers

No need to handle documents.
You can use NetSupport School’s File Transfer feature to send documents and folders to an individual or multiple devices.

Help requests and chat

Communicate from a safe distance.
When staff request help, there’s no need to go over to their desk. NetSupport School’s help request tool means staff can click on the ‘Request help’ icon on their Information Bar and type in their question – and you can respond directly from your PC. To further support safe distancing, you can conduct a Chat with one or multiple devices, and broadcast messages to groups or all network users in seconds.

Share your screen

No crowding round.
When you’re doing a presentation or supporting a member of staff, for maximum visibility, you can show your desktop to all connected devices to help demonstrate a point or show them how to do a particular task.


Generate a full Hardware Inventory summary for a selected PC.
Over 50 items of information are collected specifically about the hardware or environment of a PC, providing all the key information needed to assist in speedy problem resolution.

Generate a full Software Inventory for each PC, including Hotfixes.
Gain a full software inventory report for any selected PC. It includes the name of each installed product, the manufacturer, product icon, version number and even the associated .exe file. NetSupport School scans for and checks the status of any hot fixes’ that have been installed on the selected workstation. The hot fix ID is listed along with its status and links to the appropriate Microsoft support page where details of the fix can be found.

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