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For more details on features and installations for Windows devices, click here. 

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Deploying in a Terminal Services environment – View PDF

Using a NetSupport Name and Connectivity Server – View PDF

Tech Console – View PDF


For more details on features and installations for Chrome devices, click here. 

Chrome Manual

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Downloading the components

NetSupport School has Tutor and Student components – and for schools with Windows devices, there’s a Technicians’ Console component too.


Install the ‘Tutor’ (Control) on the teacher’s
machine/s used to teach the class.

Install the Student (Client) on every
student machine you wish to connect to.

Install the Technicians’ Console onto devices used by the IT team (Windows only).

To access all the components, simply enter your details on this page. You will then be re-directed to our component page where you can access the main NetSupport School Windows download, along with the relevant Student and Tutor extensions/apps for multiple platforms (Windows, macOS, Chromebooks, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire).

The core features in more detail

2-minute overview video 

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