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NetSupport School is co-produced with schools, educators and technicians to ensure it meets today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. From supporting new education requirements, platform updates and changing working environments, to facilitating new and existing pedagogical approaches – NetSupport School is constantly reviewed and updated to help teachers deliver technology-enhanced lessons!

Case Studies


Testimonials and Reviews

An unbeatable range of classroom management features and is, in many ways, the best of its kind on the market.

 – PC Pro Magazine

NetSupport School is my essential teaching tool, enabling me to add to the quality of individual time that I can give students during a lesson. 

– Robert Leader, William Ellis School

NetSupport School is a powerful product that allows teaching to be creative, as well as innovative. The majority of teachers would not be able to provide a high level of IT teaching without it! 

– Jay Qureshi, Morpeth School 

NetSupport has revolutionised teaching and learning at our school. An excellent classroom management tool that every ICT/Computing teacher should have.

– Robert Kent, Jack Hunt School

NetSupport School has made a big difference in our classroom. Teachers love the fact that they can, just with a few clicks, actively monitor the students.

– Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust

You can power on all the computers at once, you can log in every student, you can launch the correct program for them to use – and in a matter of minutes everyone is on and ready to start the lesson!

– Three Village Central School District

NetSupport School allows us to give control of the classroom back to the teacher but also provides our students with the added value of a summary of everything they did in that lesson – something that is invaluable!

– Warrington & Vale Royal Collage

Teachers especially love having control of creating their own internet
lists as well as practical measures such as turning off printing, which are all
things that really help keep the students focused.

– L.E.A.D. Academy Trust

NetSupport School has proven invaluable for classroom control and focusing the students.

– Mike Gomm, Maiden Erlegh School

This is the way that software is supposed to work – quickly, easily and well. A joy 10/10.

– ICT for Education Magazine



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NetSupport School is co-produced with schools, educators and technicians to ensure it meets today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. From supporting new education requirements, platform updates and changing working environments, to facilitating new and existing pedagogical approaches – NetSupport School is constantly reviewed and updated to help teachers deliver technology-enhanced lessons!

Take a look at just some of the requirements that NetSupport School supports! 




The questions to ask vendors before you buy…


What problem are we trying to solve with the purchase of this solution?

As schools continue to invest in edtech, it’s important there are as few barriers to its use as possible.

With this in mind, NetSupport School ensures its features are accessible to all teaching staff – regardless of their tech experience and knowledge. It does this by providing three user modes: Easy, Intermediate and Advanced (supporting Mandinach and Cline’s research on teacher edtech confidence). The new ‘Easy’ mode allows technology-shy teachers to only see and use the core tools needed to maintain control over the class – supporting simplicity and ease of use.

With a range of behaviour management, assessment and time-saving features, teachers will also find it easy to keep students focused and engaged, while boosting learning outcomes.

NetSupport School also supports social distancing requirements.

How does this tool allow our students to learn?

Whether they are all in one classroom together or spread out over separate rooms, NetSupport School facilitates learning and helps minimise attainment gaps. Teachers can use a wealth of monitoring, control, collaboration and assessment features to help maximise student engagement and learning outcomes – across all types of platforms and devices.

What research is available to show this will improve student learning?

NetSupport School has a large collection of case studies and testimonials from its customers highlighting how it is used across a wide range of schools and the benefits they gain.


How will it help increase student engagement?

Students engage in lessons in different ways – and individualised instruction with a variety of tools allows for better overall engagement. NetSupport School provides students with several options for engagement: 

  • Gamified assessment – Rather than the tradition model of asking a question and the students raising their hands, teachers can gamify assessment and gauge student understanding by using a range of questioning modes. Using the random mode helps ensure students are picked fairly – and keeps them on their toes!
  • Screen sharing – Sharing the teacher’s screen to help explain a lesson activity or sharing another student’s screen to highlight a great piece of work both help to facilitate engagement.
  • Whiteboard – A full-screen interactive whiteboard is supported by a wealth of drawing and annotation tools for improved collaboration within the classroom. It can be shown in real time to all students in the class and, when needed, they can all interact with it.
  • Help requests – For students who are more introverted, the help request feature allows them to directly ask for assistance without the pressure of other students knowing they need help. This opens the door for them to engage with the teacher in a manner that makes them comfortable. 
  • Chat and messaging – Teachers can facilitate 1:1 chats with students and send messages to selected students, creating new ways of staying connected and boosting communication within the class. Students working in another classroom can still participate, increasing their overall feeling of engagement in learning. 
  • Lock/blank screens – Behaviour management is important in every classroom; however, it can be challenging when students are ‘in the zone’ whilst using technology. Locking and blanking students’ screens is great for keeping them on task and ensuring the focus is on the teacher when they are explaining tasks.
How will this be differentiated and allow for personalised learning?

All of NetSupport School’s interaction tools can be applied to the class or adapted for individual students, allowing the teachers to personalise each student’s learning activities.

How does NetSupport School foster dialogue and empowerment among our students?

The platform provides a safe online environment for the students to study in and for the teachers to work with. Teachers can use the chat and message tools with individuals or groups of students to help, give encouragement or simply check on their wellbeing. These tools also enable collaborative working, with group chats allowing an easy exchange of ideas.

The platform allows the student to work independently yet ask for help from the teacher online. The teacher can provide a wide range of pre-curated materials and tools for the students to work with, enabling them to organize their own learning.

What resources and training are available to help us ensure your solution works? Is it easy to use (intuitive) or will it take time for us to learn?

At NetSupport, we create tools that are designed for ease of use and implementation, but like all digital resources, there is a learning curve. We provide live and on-demand virtual webinars to support implementing our solutions. In addition, teachers will find FAQs and guides on each NetSupport website to assist them with common questions – plus, live chat options are also available.

How can we be sure that this will not be one of those solutions that we will need to get rid of next year?

NetSupport School is co-produced with teachers to ensure its tools meets today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. The solution has been supporting teachers and schools globally for over 25 years and is constantly being updated with new features – some of which customers have suggested!

Is it accessible to all learners regardless of their abilities?

The Student Toolbar is simple and easy for all students to use. The guidance tools the teacher has are especially great for special education – control of the screen, quick launch and other tools make it possible to help students who might struggle in focusing or who need help in accessing suitable resources.

What is required to implement this platform in the classroom and at scale?

NetSupport School is really easy to set up in a networked classroom. The School IT team simply needs to install the Tutor (the teacher PC that is used to connect to student devices) and Student (the machines that the teacher connects to and interacts with) components on the required devices.

For large scale installations, NetSupport School’s inbuilt Deployment tool can be used or schools can deploy via a Group Policy.

What class creation methods are there?

NetSupport School includes a flexible range of connection methods to student devices, including: 

  • Room Mode – Connect to Student computers by room(s).
  • PC Mode – Connect to a fixed list of Student computers by machine name.
  • User Mode – Connect to a fixed list of Students (by logged on user name).
  • Browse Mode – Browse the network and connect to Student computers with a specific machine name.
  • SIS Mode – Connect to your SIS environment using ClassLink OneRoster or Google Classroom.
What standards for safety and security does this solution adhere to?

NetSupport School is continuously updated to ensure it meets the latest internet filtering and monitoring requirements worldwide, including OfstedKCSIECIPAISTE and more.

NetSupport School also includes a wealth of security features to ensure its correct and authorised use, including a unique “security key” that restricts connectivity across the school to only systems carrying a matching key, thereby limiting which tutors and students can connect – and much more. View the complete security list here.


What student data is collected? And is personally identifiable information collected or stored?

Please review our privacy policy and GDPR policy for full details.


How does your solution allow us to import, export or synchronise information? And what types of information and in what format?

NetSupport School allows you to import student and class data via .CSV files using our specified format. To save time, data can also be synchronised via ClassLink OneRoster or Google Classroom.


Explain your customer support process if we have a problem with your product.

Customers are able to reach out through a variety of channels, including: 

Once a ticket has been created, the support team investigates the issue through a variety of means (phone call, online chat, email, remote desktop support) to identify and fix the issue. 


What is your pricing structure?

A licence is required for each device the software is installed on. These are available on either a perpetual or subscription basis to suit different types of budget. Annual maintenance cover at 20% is available to keep your perpetual licences up to date and ensure priority technical support.