One key strand of classroom management is exactly that: “managing” the students and their devices, to maximise time spent on teaching.


  • Power on or off and log in/log out all classroom computers from the teacher’s PC.
  • Blank all students’ screens to gain attention and also lock their mice and keyboards.
  • Automatically re-connect to students’ PCs if they are rebooted.
  • Use layouts of students on teachers’ screens to match the layout of the physical classroom.
  • Use individual teachers profiles to deliver the features needed by each teacher.
  • Use a one-click “Request Assistance” option from the teacher’s toolbar if technical support is needed.
  • Reset students’ system passwords without IT support.
  • Flexible range of connection methods to student devices, including SIS integration (OneRoster and Google Classroom – coming soon).

NetSupport School Printer management
Printer and device management

  • Prevent students from printing in the classroom.
  • Limit printer use by number of pages.
  • Require teacher’s authorisation prior to printing.
  • Prevent individual printers from being used.
  • Display a real-time print indicator identifying which student is currently printing.
  • Show the number of paused print jobs requiring the teacher’s attention.
  • Prevent data being copied to or from USB storage and CDR/DVD devices.
  • Prevent new network connections being created.
  • Disable webcams on classroom devices.

Student register

  • Request standard and custom information from each student at the start of the class.
  • Print the student register, including a total of any rewards or print jobs completed during the lesson.
  • Use customised icons for students.

Hand out and collect files

  • Distribute files and folders from the tutor’s PC to multiple student devices.
  • Transfer files to and from selected or multiple PCs in a single action.
  • Hand out and automatically collect files with each student’s details appended.
  • Real-time feedback tells the teacher which students’ files are ready for collection and which students need reminding.

NetSupport School Information bar
Student information bar

  • View lesson objectives and learning outcomes.
  • Provides real-time lesson information such as the lesson title; time remaining; any rewards they have been given by the teacher.
  • Request help from the teacher via the help button.
  • Access their digital journal.
  • Access their personal resources folder.
  • Review what restrictions are currently in place i.e. internet, application, printing, USB memory sticks.

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