Monitor, Interact and Collaborate with any Student Device in the Classroom

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NetSupport School is the market-leading Classroom Management software solution for schools. Designed to work flawlessly over both wired and wireless networks with desktops, laptops, or tablets – and for use in traditional PC, thin client, or virtualized environments across all platforms – NetSupport School supports a teacher with a wealth of dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration, and control features to ensure they can leverage the very best from their technology. There are also dedicated apps for Teachers, Technicians, and Teaching Assistants all included as standard.

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An overview 

Core features in more detail

A wealth of features…

View and control students’ screens

Language Lab module

Digital journals of key content

Lock screen/device

Testing and assessment tools

Internet metering
and control

Real-time instruction tools

Integration with OneDrive

Show teacher’s screen to students

Virtual Whiteboard

Application metering & control

Hand out and collect work

Integration with Google Classroom

NetSupport School now provides integration with Google Classroom. Using a Windows desktop Tutor, and with the NetSupport Name & Connectivity Server (NCS Gateway) installed, the teacher can connect to students’ devices (including Chromebooks) using the “ready to connect” class lists direct from Google Classroom. Not only does this new feature help teachers to save time when setting up their technology-led lessons, but also it offers more flexibility when connecting to student devices.

NetSupport School for macOS

The NetSupport School tutor will now connect to macOS devices using ‘NetSupport School for macOS’ (previously known as NetSupport Assist). With a completely refreshed user interface to make it even easier for teachers to identify and navigate to features, NetSupport School for macOS provides extra flexibility to allow them to connect from a Mac device to students using a full mix of different platforms including Mac, Chromebooks, Windows, iOS, and Android. Plus, the teacher can connect to a Mac student from any device/platform.

Save time!

Achieve best practice!

Focus students!

Boost learning outcomes!

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Want to control IT across the school as well?

NetSupport School can also be integrated with IT Asset Management solution, NetSupport DNA, to help schools manage technology - in the classroom and across the school and all its sites - quickly and efficiently. Click here to learn more.

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