What is the ‘Digital Student Journal’?

The unique Digital Journal in NetSupport School ensures all relevant information from a lesson such as lesson content, teacher/student notes, and assessment results, are recorded in one place (pdf format). It can be used for future review, as a revision aid for students and a record of content covered for teachers, to share with any who are absent.

In addition, using the native Windows 10 Tutor app, teachers can include key lesson content in a OneNote Class Notebook, if desired:


  • Details of the lesson objectives.
  • Specific notes, resources, and screenshots taken or used during the lesson.
  • Class or group survey results.
  • Individual student test results.
  • URLs of websites used during the lesson/Lists of approved websites for research.
  • Details of any homework set.
  • Individual student notes can be added whenever they are required.
  • Target words/topics used for any comprehension or research assignments.
  • Transcripts of any electronic chat conversations.
  • Copies of any NetSupport School inbuilt Whiteboard sessions.

The Student Journal makes it easy for teachers by including:


  • Tutor Toolbar icon to indicate whether the teacher’s journal is started (and the journal status is shown on their status bar).
  • Addition of named chapters to the Student Journal.
  • Inclusion of the Student Register in the teacher’s journal.
  • Automatic creation of bookmarks based on chapters.
  • Journal synchronisation – if the student has missed items, these can be inserted in the correct position in line with the teacher’s journal.
  • Customisation of the journal with your school’s logo.