ESSER Funding Eligible Supporting classroom instruction with NetSupport School


Respect students’ personal space and support social distancing

Maintaining social distancing or simply just respecting students’ personal space in schools can be so important. With NetSupport School (our feature-rich classroom management and instruction solution), teachers can deliver instruction, monitor, assess and interact with students all at a safe and respectful distance – whether they are all in one classroom together or spread out over separate rooms. Students can collaborate with each other safely, too!

Physical Classroom Layout

Match the layout of the physical classroom (or rooms) on your screen

Once you have selected your class, you can match the layout of the physical classroom (or rooms) on your screen. Simply rearrange the individual student icons to reflect the layout of the classroom. And by connecting to students using Room mode, the classroom layout will be automatically saved against the Room selected. This means that when you start up your Tutor console and select the Room, the layout will automatically load – saving you a bit of time as a bonus! A background image can also be added to further customise your view.

Thumbnail mode for teachers…

Monitor progress and activity, without walking around the classroom/s.
If your school is able to split classes across different rooms, NetSupport School still allows teachers to monitor students’ screens to view their progress and see who is on task – all without walking around amongst the students.

Share the teacher’s screen

Everyone can see without crowding round.
When you’re doing a presentation to your class, for maximum visibility, you can show your desktop to all connected students’ devices to help demonstrate a point or show them how to do a particular task. In addition, if a student has produced a great example of work that you want to show to the rest of the class, you can display this on everyone’s screens too – meaning nobody needs to move around the class to see.

Send out and collect work automatically

No need to handle books or papers.
You can use NetSupport School’s Send/Collect Work feature to send documents to an individual or multiple students’ devices. Once you have sent out your files, real-time
feedback tells you who has completed their work and who has items left to do. When all the students have completed their task, you can simply ‘collect’ the work back in
again – it’ll have each student’s details appended, so you’ll know who did what!

Help requests and chat

Communicate from a safe distance.
When a student requests help, there’s no need to go over to their desk. NetSupport School’s help request tool means a student can click on the ‘Request help’ icon on their Student Information Bar and type in their question – and you can respond directly from your PC. To further support safe distancing, you can also use the Chat and Message tools to help students with their work. You can chat to an individual or a group, easily adding and removing students as necessary – and you can even add chats to the Student Journal, which we’ll come on to shortly…

Virtual whiteboard

Collaborate without being in close proximity.
A full-screen interactive whiteboard is integrated directly within NetSupport School and is supported by a wealth of drawing and annotation tools for collaboration. You can
show it to all students’ screens in real time and they can interact with it directly from their own devices – all without sharing whiteboard marker pens and whilst maintaining
a safe distance.

Assessment tools

Assess your students in a variety of ways – without physical test papers.
NetSupport School’s Q&A module is a collaborative tool that engages students with a selection of questioning modes. It means you can reinforce key learning points with questions sent straight to their devices, as well as understand how well they have understood lesson concepts.

You can also use the dedicated Testing Module to compile tests or exams with a variety of question types (e.g. multi-choice, drag and drop, apply labels and more) that are auto-marked – saving you time and with no handling of papers! In addition, surveys also allow you to do quick polls with students in a safe and socially distanced way.

Student journal

A copy of the lesson notes for everyone, untouched by human hands!
NetSupport School’s Student Journal is a PDF document of key information that you have covered during a lesson. You can add notes and resources you have referred to directly to every student’s journal – and each student can add their own notes too, making it a personalised document. It’s also a fantastic reference for any students who have been absent, but in the context of Covid-safe schools, it also cuts down the number of people handling the document.

Technicians’ Console…

Use 1:1 remote control to fix issues from afar.
NetSupport School’s Technicians’ Console helps the IT team support users and manage devices across the school. When problems arise, IT technicians can perform powerful 1:1 PC Remote Control on any selected computer, capture screenshots, annotate the screen and provide direct technical assistance to any classroom teacher or student – without coming directly to their device to do so – thereby maintaining physical distancing in the school.

Core features…

View and control students’ screens

3 user modes for teachers 

Real-time instruction tools

Lock screen/device

Testing and assessment tools

Application metering and control

Student help request and Chat

Show teacher’s screen to students

Hand out and collect work

Internet metering
and control

Gauge student wellbeing and topic understanding 

Integration with OneDrive

Digital student journals

Virtual Whiteboard

Language Lab module