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Monitor, Control, Interact and Collaborate with any Student Device in the Classroom

For over 30 years, NetSupport School is the market-leading multi-platform Classroom Management software solution for schools. Supporting teachers with a wealth of dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features, NetSupport School ensures they can maximize the use of their classroom technology while boosting students’ learning outcomes.

Working seamlessly across all types of platforms and devices – and with dedicated apps for Teachers, Technicians and Teaching Assistants all included as standard – it’s no wonder NetSupport School is the complete classroom management solution of choice.

    “Great product, does what is says on the tin and staff can control screens, meaning students are on task more.”

    Jonathan Emery, Assistant IT Director at CMAT

    Used NetSupport School for 5+ years

    “The ability to lock screens, push out programs or websites and help those remotely makes teaching computing much easier and slicker.”

    Adam Howlett, Computing Teacher at Southfields Primary School

    Used NetSupport School for 1-2 years

    “A fantastic product and a real step up from the school’s previous software. Support team are fantastic too!”

    Birkenhead Park School

    Used NetSupport School for 3-4 years

    A wealth of features…


    Manage students and their devices to maximise your teaching time.

    • Flexible range of connection methods to students’ devices, including SIS Integration (Class Link OneRoster and Google Classroom).
    • Power on/off all classroom computers for a quick start to the lesson.
    • Reset students’ system passwords without IT support.
    • Remote control all/selected students’ computers.
    • Manage printer usage.
    • Control the usage of USB devices and CD/DVD drives.
    • Request help from a technician using the unique Tech Console for remote support across the school.
    • Blank all students’ screens to gain attention and also lock their mice and keyboards.
    Screenshot of Audio monitoring in Netsupport School
    Screenshot of Thumbnail View in Netsupport School


    Easily monitor students’ activity, helping to keep them safe and on task.

    • Monitor the entire class in a single view.
    • Zoom in on a selected student’s screen for a better view of activity.
    • Monitor and control internet and application use.
    • Remotely launch or close applications or web pages on all selected PCs in a single action.
    • Monitor students’ keyboard usage while using any approved application.
    Screenshot of Thumbnail View in Netsupport School

    Instruct and engage

    Actively engage students and boost their learning outcomes

    • Update the Student Information Bar with lesson objectives, learning outcomes and available resources.
    • Share your screen with the class or selected students.
    • Share a student’s screen with the class.
    • Annotate the screen and use the virtual whiteboard with its wealth of drawing and annotation tools.
    • Show a video or replay file (previous screen recording video) to selected students.
    • Deliver presentations with audio support, allowing you to transmit your voice during a presentation.
    • Remote control the student’s screen to instruct or remedy activity.
    • Open a chat discussion that all or selected students can join.
    Screenshot of whiteboard in Netsupport School
    Screenshot of Q&A in Netsupport School


    Reinforce key learning points and instantly gauge students’ lesson comprehension – all while keeping them fully engaged!

    • Unique Q&A Mode for continued assessment and learning (gamified questioning options include: First to Answer, Pot Luck, Peer Assessment, and more).
    • Design tests with minimum effort.
    • Track students’ progress in real time using surveys.
    • Add lesson content, activities, notes, test scores and resources covered during a lesson to unique student journals.
    Screenshot of Q&A in Netsupport School

    Heath and respecting students’ personal space

    Instruct students at a safe and respectful distance – whether they are all in one classroom together or spread out over separate rooms.

    • Monitor students’ screens to view progress/activity, without walking around the classroom/s.
    • Share the teacher’s screen with students’ devices so everyone can see without crowding round.
    • No need to handle books or papers, instead send/collect work automatically.
    • Communicate from a safe/respectful distance and students can ask for help without leaving their desk.
    • Collaborate without being in close proximity, via the virtual whiteboard.
    • Assess your students in a variety of ways, without using physical test papers.
    • Provide a copy of the lesson notes in digital format for everyone.
    • Technicians can use 1:1 remote control tools to fix issues from afar.
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    Why choose NetSupport?

    33 years’ experience
    We have 33 years’ experience in developing educational software and we work closely with local schools to ensure our solutions are relevant, effective and will meet tomorrow’s challenges.

    We listen to customer feedback
    We operate a programme of continuous development for all our solutions based on customer suggestions and collaboration with users in each sector, as well as our own insight.

    Technical Support team
    The quality of our technical support is a key factor that sets us apart from other providers. Telephone and email support is provided from the UK and USA, helping us to provide support across global time zones.

    Global success
    Our products are available in multiple languages and are sold in over 120 countries worldwide, currently supporting over 18 million users. We are also finalists/winners in over 300 awards…and counting!


    Want to control IT and safeguard students across the school as well?

    NetSupport School can also be integrated with IT Asset Management and online safety solution, NetSupport DNA, to help schools manage technology both in the classroom and across the school (and its sites) with ease.