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NetSupport School is the market-leading on-premise classroom management and monitoring software solution, providing a wealth of screen monitoring, screen sharing, control (including web filters), collaboration and assessment features to help maximise the benefits of technology-enhanced teaching and learning – supporting students as they learn with audio, video, interactive tools, gamification and more.

Working seamlessly across all types of platforms and devices (including google classrooms and Chromebooks) – and specifically designed in consultation with teachers to meet their needs in the classroom – it’s no wonder NetSupport School is the complete classroom management software of choice.

3 ways classroom management can help your school

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Maximise teaching time

With user modes to choose from and a host of easy-to-use tools available in just one click, our teaching software has features and functions that are accessible to all teaching staff regardless of their tech experience and knowledge – helping them to maximise classroom time and ensure their focus can remain firmly on teaching and student engagement. 

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Boost learning outcomes

Teachers can actively engage with students and keep the whole class focused and on track with real-time instruction, monitoring and control, and remote assistance tools. Meanwhile, the use of flexible formative assessment features helps gamify lessons, encouraging participation and competition while highlighting students’ understanding and knowledge gaps.

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Protect students and support wellbeing

From showing a student’s or teacher’s screen to the class to promote positive use or to demonstrate, NetSupport School can be used to promote a culture of good digital citizenship. A range of safeguarding tools help to create a safe learning environment and support content filtering, while the student feedback mode gives teachers an insight into students’ wellbeing and whether they need extra support – supporting david’s law, KCSIE, CIPA and more. 

Key features in NetSupport School

Monitor students

NetSupport School ensures teachers can easily monitor student activity, from viewing their screen and the applications they are using, to the websites they are visiting (web filtering), what they are typing and who they are collaborating with – all helping to safeguard students safe and keep them on task.

Real-time instruction

Teachers can share their screen with the class (screen sharing), use the virtual whiteboard with its wealth of drawing tools, deliver presentations and guided learning, plus update each student’s information bar with lesson objectives, learning outcomes and available resources – and much more!

Technicians’ Console

A dedicated Windows Technicians’ Console for network managers and technicians is included to support classroom device management (perfect as Chromebook monitoring software). You can remotely support users and ensure all school computers are managed and maintained effectively, so they are always available for teaching and learning.

Multi-platform support

With dedicated versions for all leading desktop and mobile platforms including Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, Android and iOS, NetSupport School allows teachers to connect to students using a full mix of different platforms.