NetSupport School CCE (Centralized Computing Edition)

NetSupport School now includes full support for Windows MultiPoint Server (WMS) - the new Windows based solution that uses a single host computer to power multiple simultaneous and independent user stations. Windows MultiPoint Server gives teachers and students the familiar Windows experience, allowing them to focus on teaching and learning the curriculum, not a new computer system.

The education that children receive in school can greatly impact whether or not they will succeed in life. And in today’s increasingly digital and connected world, knowing how to work with a computer is no longer a nice skill to have, but a requirement in almost any job. But between hardware and software costs, little to no IT budgets, and high energy prices, giving each student a computer to use is not always possible for schools.

Educators appreciate, and many advocate, the use of technology to improve teaching and learning. They understand technology can help drive improvement in student achievement and they have looked to Microsoft to help make this technology accessible.

Now there’s a way to get the power of computing into schools more quickly and affordably than ever. Windows® MultiPoint™ Server is a Windows-based solution that uses a single host computer to power multiple simultaneous and independent user stations. It has a low total cost of ownership, is easy to set up and use, and gives educators the tools and technology they need to prepare their students for success.

Both Windows® MultiPoint™ Server (WMS) and NetSupport School CCE reflect the same philosophy, namely to offer best of breed yet affordable technology, to enhance the accessibility of ICT within education, hence the development of NetSupport School CCE.  NetSupport School CCE enables schools, colleges and training institutions to maximise the return from their WMS deployment by providing Teachers with the ability to instruct, monitor and interact with their Students either individually, as a pre-defined group or to the overall class.

Top 10 Ways NetSupport School CCE can help you:

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1.   Record Student Attendance

2.   Keep Students on Task and Avoid Distractions

3.   Launch Applications and Websites for Students

4.   Monitor in Real-time all Student Activity

5.   Show Students your Desktop, a video or an application

6.   Easily Share Content with Students

7.   Drive Down Costs by Managing and Controlling Printer Access

8.   Effectively Communicate with Students

9.   Plan Lessons and Provide Effective End of Lesson Review

10. Question and Assess Students

Within the Centralized Computing Sector, NetSupport School CCE is available exclusively for use with Windows MultiPoint Server providing educators with the tools and technology they need to prepare students for success.

Both NetSupport CCE and Windows MultiPoint Server are aimed at customers who require low implementation, maintenance and operating costs coupled with powerful and intuitive functionality.  These combined products provide an easy, cost effective entry point into Classroom ICT.

To see how NetSupport School for CCE and Windows MultiPoint Server completes your education solution,  please download your free 30 day trial licence for up to 40 devices.



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